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Coalfield communities

I’m the son of a miner who in 1972 took part in a won a strike.  He died in 1973, but in spirit also won the 1974 strike.

As I write, MPs are in the chamber speaking about those days.  What comes through and is strongly matched by my memories of the time, is the community was all in it together.  We aren’t that now when out troops go to war.

A full inquiry must be held in to policing and the full armory of the state that was brought against the miners, especially in 1979.  Years afterwards, bitterness is evident in the coalfield areas.  It must be addressed.

Vinyl – who needs it?

We have dozens of vinyl records.  Those that I bought, I think I can remember where, when and why I bought them.  I can remember the first time I played them.  I remember the horror of scratches, dust and static.

I don’t have those memories with downloads.  The digital convenience age, where instant gratification is god, comes complete with a memory vacuum.  I have thousands of tracks on countless drives and I don’t remember what I’ve got.

Worse, I don’t remember why I’ve got them.

So when you next listen to a vinyl records, with all the technical imperfections, just remember, it’s perfect.

A New Start


I just looked at the blog and realised that I haven’t posted anything since April.  There’s many good reasons for that, the main one being laziness.  I know, I shouldn’t be lazy, but I plead guilty..  There are though mitigating circumstances m’lord, the biggest of which has been health.  I really mean family health – all of us.  But at this time, that seems to be leveling out a bit, so I can get back to blogging.

I’m going to set myself a target of posting every day, even if it’s just to pop in.  I know, you’re thinking ‘he’ll never do it’.  You may be right.

Let’s just see, shall we?