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The Put patients first: Back general practice campaign

We use our GP practice a great deal.  I’ve been there today and I’ll be back on Friday.  At times, it’s like a second home in that one of the family may be there any day of the week.  What we find is an excellent service.  But we know that they’re under pressure.

To quote: ‘The Put patients first: Back general practice campaign is demanding that the governments of the UK increase funding for general practice from an historic low of 8.39% to 11% of the UK NHS budget by 2017.

Ive no doubt that healthcare will be an issue at the general election.  Figures are going to be produced that proves any point a politician may wish to make.

That isn’t the whole story though.  We need to decide what the NHS means to us as part of the fabric that holds us together, then campaign for it.

We MUST defend the NHS against privatisation, splits and most of all, career politicians who are out of their depth being in charge of this great national jewel.  It’s OUR NHS.  Please take a look at the website below, some of it I find shocking.

Campaign Home.

Help comes in many forms

I received help today – from my family and my therapist.  It’s a little strange that people can confide in a stranger about matters that are so serious – life and death – that are uncomfortable with those closest to you.  I wonder why that is.

Perhaps it’s a dis-interest, or distance maintained by the therapist.  That creates a ‘vacuum’ of sorts, that then goes on to be filled with conversation.  I don’t know.  But we do talk to strangers a lot.  In the shops, or a gathering.  We feel a need to share an understanding of the world or events.

Next time you’re in a shop, strike up a conversation with someone.  See where it takes you.

BBC News – Birmingham Ebola-party club apologises for theme night

I just can’t understand this.  How can this happen in the form of ‘entertainment’?  Have these people no humanity?  For ‘lack of judgment’ read ‘money ching ching’.  The least they could do is offer the proceeds/profits they may have made to an organisation that fights Ebola.

BBC News – Birmingham Ebola-party club apologises for theme night.